These stories are exclusive to Radish and cannot be read anywhere else. Some of them are collaborations with a fellow author. Some of them are personal works I have yet to release wide. 

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It's taboo. It's disgusting. If anyone knew . . .

Ian Bassett, the head of the Bassett Crime Family, knows well-fed devils behave better than famished saints. His son was well-fed and yet, it was still necessary for him to die—for Oskar. Everything Ian does, he does for Oskar—always Oskar. 


Oskar Bassett, the grandson to the head of the Bassett Crime Family, is well-loved and spoiled beyond measure but has a secret that could destroy him and his grandfather if anyone ever finds out—especially Pops. Oskar can't help what he feels though.


He loves his grandfather. He is in love with his grandfather.

He intends to have him in his bed one way or another. 


The night Maya Washington discovers his father, Boss of the Washington Family has disregarded the bylaws and is dealing in Flesh, everything changes. His parents are killed. His home is burned to the ground. And, he finds himself at the mercy of the man responsible for killing his parents and destroying his home. 


Evander Slade, boss of the Slade Crime Family in New York City, knows he isn't a good guy by any stretch of the imagination. He's cheated, lied, stole, and murdered his way to the top. The one thing he's never done though—bought, sold, or traded flesh.


People aren't for sale. It's the one bylaw all five Families agreed too.

There are consequences for breaking the law.

Unfortunately, even the innocent won't be spared.


Eden Callahan, the son of the Callahan Crime Family, never meant to deceive his best friend. Now his family is dead and he is depending on the protection of his best friend, Ismail Slade—the very man who murdered his father, mother and six brothers once it was discovered they were buying, selling and trading flesh. If Ismail learns the truth though . . . everything between them could change and not necessarily for the better.


How long can Eden deceive Ismail though when every day he is reminded of why Ismail is his best friend in the first place?


Ismail Slade, oldest son and Underboss of the Slade Crime Family, has been in love with his best friend for years but never acted on it, never showed any indication of his desires because Eden is his best friend. Not to mention, Eden is only sixteen—far to young for him even if he is only twenty-two, himself. He's happy being friends—just friends—ensuring Eden is safe and well looked after.


Until Eden tells the truth and everything changes.


At thirty years old, retired corpsman, Gideon Moss just wants a quiet, peaceful life. He has it all figured out—win a couple of fights, make money, get the hell out of New York. Then he meets eighteen-year-old high school student, Elis Kirby who promises anything but to be quiet and peaceful. 


Gideon and Elis are an impossible match. 

Together—that way lies trouble. 

How do you leave when you're falling in love though? 

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 1.23.53 AM.png

Kyron is on the run from a past that has left its mark.

Quint knows all about hiding from your past but he slayed his demon—literally


When the school librarian forms an unlikely friendship with one of his students, sparks fly. Trapped together during a snowstorm, Kyron was only seeking a little body heat to strive off the cold. Quint with quiet determination coaxes a little more out of Kyron. Soon, the pair are involved in a complicated affair, caught between wanting each other but knowing the past is out there, looking for Kyron and he might need to flee at any time. 


People say Nolan Grant is an acquired taste. Maybe they are right. He's always lived life on his own terms—spending his days sleeping with his best friend or planning something outrageous to upset his religious parents. Simply put, he's content to do what makes him happy so long as it feels good.


Then his best friend got a boyfriend. Now, he feels like a third wheel but Marx, his best friends older brother, is home for Christmas.


Marx is . . . a weakness. Nolan has always been half in love with him. Maybe if he can own up to his feels they have a chance. But it's not that simple either because Marx is complicated, complicated in ways Nolan can't even begin to understand.


Is a relationship even possible when love isn't enough?