touch of desire



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Let me give you a little free advice. If anyone ever asks, “Do you want to live forever,” tell them to fuck off.


Elio Beckett has been undead for six hundred years. For the last two hundred, New York City has been home; the nightclub where he tends bar on weekends is his sanctuary. When his boss discovers his secret, Elio assumes he’s about to lose the only home he’s had since he died in 1420.


But Micah surprises Elio with a single request. “Stay.”


Micah Kingston has one rule he expects everyone who enters his nightclub to follow: keep your hands off the bartenders. It’s a rule he’s never had a problem following himself—until one wisp of a bartender turns his life upside down. It doesn’t matter that Elio isn’t human. Micah isn’t willing to lose the man who has consumed his fantasies for three long years.


How long does love last when only one of you has forever though?

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Try like hell, you can’t outrun destiny. She’s a persistent bitch, after all.


Oscar Cornwall, one of the last descendants of the original witches who founded Everlost, has been avoiding his birthright since he was sixteen. With the High Witch Council demanding he fulfill his duties, he’s out of time and he still needs a demon familiar.


No one has ever asked or cared about what Asmodeus, one of the Seven Princes of Hell, wants or needs. Until he meets a cute little witch hell bent on holding onto his soul. Binding himself to a witch was never in Asmodeus’ plans, but the perks of being a familiar are too good to pass up.


Negotiating with a demon ensures damnation; being a witch’s familiar requires servitude. Neither expected their arrangement to become so complicated.


Is the contract messing with their heads, or are they genuinely falling in love?

coming June 2021

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coming July 2021